Below are a few of Kastonmedia's selected works

".... these short films have educated and inspired." - Georgia Helleiner; Gerald Helleiner, O.C., F.R.S.C.

10 Years A Celebration 2009


10 Years a Celebration is a short vignette about a farm where a small group of adults with developmental challenges are employed.
Pete, the main character guides us through the farm with grace and self-assurance.



just because,  2010



“If you have compassion it helps your patience. Everybody is not the same, everybody's abilities are not the same. Once we are aware of that within ourselves, we extend that to our fellow man.”- Muhtadi Thomas


Just because takes us on a journey from Toronto to Tobago with  Muhtadi and the World Drummers (one of whom is a young man on the autistic spectrum).


“just because a person has autism it does not mean they can’t do certain things..........”- Aaron Kellett


To find out more about Autism contact:




The Geneva Centre for Autism






My Dreams My Choices,  2009


We hope our experience will inspire people to record their own story. - Christy Barber

Commissioned by;


Family Services Toronto

Literacy & Life,  2011


Literacy & Life follows the experiences of six adults, all of whom share the desire to overcome personal obstacles through education.

For more information about Adult Literacy,contact;


Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy 


ABC Life Literacy Canada